2019 Workforce Pipeline Summit
An interactive day of discovery & action for the future of work & economic prosperity in Michigan on Monday, March 18 at Washtenaw Community College in Ypsilanti.
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A day of discovery and action for the future of work and economic prosperity in Michigan

Workforce Pipeline Summit

The Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti Regional Chamber presents:

The Workforce Pipeline Summit

March 18, 2019  //  Washtenaw Community College  //  Morris Lawrence Building

Join other learners and leaders for a hands-on, productive day of discussion and planning for our preferred future as Michigan residents, employers, employees, and students.

Start the day by gaining a comprehensive understanding of the workforce issues affecting our state with talks by leading voices in business, economic development, education, policy making, and social services.

In the afternoon, join forces with fellow Summit attendees to participate in breakout group discussions co-facilitated by subject matter experts.

Close out the day with group-generated vision statements around what we want to look like as a community by the year 2030 which will be turned into sustainable and actionable 2-, 5-, and 10-year Workforce Pipeline Strategic Plans by a steering committee after the event.

The mission of the Workforce Pipeline Summit is to strengthen our local workforce and community through alleviating the short- and long-term pipeline shortage. We are committed to identifying, investing in, training, and shining a light on the available and willing hidden talent pool in our community.

By promoting locally owned businesses and employing people from wide swaths of the community, we can realize sustained community growth for the benefit of all.

“We all do better when we all do better” – Senator Paul Wellstone

Who should attend?

Business owners, leaders, and employees

Economic development organizations

Educators, administrators, and students

Policymakers at the local, county, and state level

Members of the hidden talent pool which includes: creatives, the underserved, underprivileged, age 55+, formerly incarcerated, persons with disabilities, Veterans, and other populations

Social services organizations working with homeless, addiction recovery, low-income, low-education, dislocated worker, neurodiverse, and other populations

Why should we attend?

The workforce pipeline deficit is a community wide problem that has massive economic sustainability ramifications. We as a community, especially businesses, need to come together to determine how we can look local, build local, and hire local talent for the diverse range of jobs we need filled.

Registration Information:

Early (on or before Feb 28):

$50 for non-chamber members
$35 for A2Y Regional Chamber members
$15 for students (scholarships available)

Standard (starting March 1):

$60 for non-chamber members
$45 for A2Y Regional Chamber members
$15 for students (scholarships available)

Group table discounts available – contact us for details!

Breakfast and lunch will be provided at the Summit.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

But, the state is already addressing workforce development issues. Why do we need a Workforce Pipeline Summit?

Whereas workforce development means making sure the current viable workforce maintains up-to-date skills, workforce pipeline is about making sure we have a plan to train community members, thereby expanding the size of the viable workforce. Academics and economic development leaders have studied the numbers and determined that in order to sustain the growth we need to survive as a state, we need to increase the size of our available viable workforce. The Workforce Pipeline Summit is an opportunity for us as a state to really look into the future, understand the issues, and co-create a long-term plan to ensure we have enough properly skilled workers ready for high-impact growth and sustainability.

But, Washtenaw Community is doing so well! Why should I care about the workforce pipeline?

What kind of county do we want Washtenaw County to be? Is it enough to have created “pockets of prosperity”? Or maybe you think that everyone in Washtenaw County is doing just awesome, thank-you-very-much. (Hint: they aren’t.) We as a Community, County, and State are not doing as well as we may think we are. Many companies cannot find work talent.

People who are drawn to the Summit understand that we are a community of businesses, thriving because of the people who make it possible. But we must take action if we want to create even more opportunity for prosperity. And to ensure that the county and the state continue to thrive, we must find a way to tap into the talent and capacity among all potential members of our workforce.

These are the issues we will address at the Summit and in the days, weeks, months, and years afterward – moving in the right direction. Join us.

Who is speaking and about what?

We are fortunate to have an amazing group of speakers and facilitators with deep and diverse expertise. Solving the workforce deficit is a complex challenge but we have selected topics for this first summit that we hope will get us down the path of actionable solutions. See our speakers, facilitators, and topics!

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Community Sponsors:

Yes! The Summit is accepting additional sponsors. Contact us for details.

The Workforce Pipeline Summit is brought to you by a committed group of volunteers from all walks of life in Washtenaw County and beyond. We extend a mountain of our thanks to the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Regional Chamber for backing this event through outreach among its fine member organization and grant funding.

Presenting Partners:

Register now, or even better, join the A2Y Regional Chamber and enjoy a reduced registration fee for the Workforce Pipeline Summit.