Event Details - A2Y Chamber Workforce Pipeline Initiative
The Workforce Pipeline Summit is an interactive day of discovery and action for the future of work and economic prosperity in Michigan. It will be held Monday, March 18 in the Morris Lawrence Building at Washtenaw Community College in Ypsilanti.
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- Oren Cass

alter the conditions in which it operates."

"If we want different outcomes, we must

Workforce Pipeline Summit

March 18, 2019  //  Washtenaw Community College  //  Morris Lawrence Building

Join other learners and leaders for a hands-on, productive day of discussion and planning for our preferred future as Michigan residents, employers, employees, and students.

Day Schedule

7:00 – 8:00 am:

Registration Check-in, Breakfast (included), Networking

Morning/Part of Afternoon (after lunch):

Awesome informational, 8-15 minute speed talks with Q&A to get awareness, thoughts, and long-term conversations started


Lunch (included) + Keynotes

Visioning Framework:

Introduction to the visioning methodology we will tap into for the afternoon group sessions

Afternoon Group Session:

Group-based, interactive, breakout discussions facilitated by subject matter experts where each group creates their vision of what we should look like as a community by the year 2030

4:30 pm:

End of event

After The Event:

1) Steering committee compiles the actionable and measurable Master 2-, 5-, and 10-year Plan
2) Call for participants to join Working Groups
3) Working Groups take ownership of executing the Master 2-, 5-, and 10-year Plan

Talk Titles

The hidden talent pool

The systemic factors

The data we must be aware of

HR practices and human capital trends

Implicit bias / race / socio-economic policies


Bridging education, policy, & business

Youth pipeline and employment as a poverty buster

The education components

How do you talk/hire/interact with the various hidden talent groups

Funding sources and resources (e.g. Marshall Plan, Apprenti, MI Bright Future)

Place based education



A.L.I.C.E. Data

Career pathways & lifelong learning

Businesses must be involved and at the table

Equity and disparities

Educated worker of the future

Community based solutions

Hidden talent pool success stories

Community based solutions


At The Event:

Comprehensive understanding of the workforce issues affecting our state
Interactions and networking with professionals from business owners, leaders, employees, educators, policy-makers, economic and social services organizations, and members of the hidden talent pool
Group-generated, sustainable and actionable year 2030 vision of a Workforce Pipeline Strategic Plan that spells out our collective vision and commitments for solving the workforce pipeline problem in our community

After The Event:

2-, 5-, 10-year Workforce Pipeline Strategic Master Plan with actionable and measurable outcomes created by the Steering Committee
Quarterly updates provided by the working groups that are executing the Master Plan
A strong, local workforce and community
An actively employed hidden talent pool
Economic sustainability and success for our businesses and our residents

Key Note Speakers

State of Michigan Governor

Keynote #1: Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Former CIO & VP @ Duo Security

Keynote #2: Raffaele Mautone


Listen to, learn from, and interact with our spectacular speaker lineup!

United Way | CEO

Pam Smith

U of Michigan Ginsberg Center | Director

Mary Jo Callan

Washtenaw Intermediate School District | Superintendent

Dr. Scott Menzel

Washtenaw County Community & Economic Development | Director

Teresa Gillotti

Workforce Intelligence Network | Executive Director

Michele Ureste

We The People Growers Association | Executive Director

Melvin Parson

Michigan Works Southeast | Deputy Director

Shamar Herron

Golden Limousine | CEO

Sean Duval

Washtenaw Community College | President

Dr. Rose Bellanca

Eastern Michigan University | Professor & Director

Decky Alexander

Washtenaw Community College | Dean

Brandon Tucker

Workforce Intelligence Network | Senior Research Manager

Michelle Wein

U of Michigan | PhD Student

Mollie Bush

Washtenaw Intermediate School District | Director

Scott Heister

Amesite | CEO

Dr. Ann Marie Sastry

Washtenaw Community College | VP

Dr. Michelle Mueller

Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition | Director

Dr. Ethan Lowenstein

Washtenaw Community College | Director

Shelly Zervos

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital | President

Bill Manns

Graphic Recording


Brittany Barnhart will create a series of large illustrations (approximately 36″ x 60″ each) that synthesize, summarize, and preserve in a visual format, the valuable information we will learn and engage with from our speakers.

Visioning Framework for Group Sessions


Paul Saginaw is the co-Founder of Zingerman’s and an expert in strategic visioning, especially in transitions. He will help us set the framework of how we will determine our vision of what we want our community to look like when 2030 arrives.

Group Session Co-Facilitators

Our co-facilitators will play an important role in our afternoon group session at fostering dialog, providing a guiding hand, and helping each of the groups formulate their vision of what we should look like as a workforce based community in 2030 (which the steering committee will break down into a master 2-, 5-, and 10-year plan).
Many of our speakers will also be joining the wonderful team below as co-facilitators.
If you are interested in being a co-facilitator: email us!

Susan Pollay

Ann Arbor DDA

Andy LaBarre

A2Y Chamber

Nell Dority

U of Michigan

Angela Barbash

Reconsider | Revalue

Jessica A.S. Letaw

Building Matters

Lauren Beriont

Emergence Collective

Kai Peter Stabell

Consortium for Conversational Conflict Resolution

Amy Goodman

Washtenaw Literacy

Tonya Kneff

PhD in Education Candidate

Dilip Das

University of Michigan

Ida Abdalkhani

Ability 2 Engage

Chuck Warpehoski

Former A2 City Council

Brooke Boyle


Barbara Koenig

Impact 3 Leadership

Register now, or even better, join the A2Y Regional Chamber and enjoy a reduced registration fee for the Workforce Pipeline Summit.